Twitter….easy as changing the channel.

Location of Twitter Widget in Dashboard

Location of Twitter Widget in Dashboard

Wow that was simple.  To get Twitter on your sidebar in a WordPress blog is probably something you already know if you figured out how to start a blog.  All you have to do is sign up at Twitter, tweet a lil’ tweet, and then into your blog’s Dashboard.  Under appearance you have the widget link.  Simply drag the Twitter widget (I’m using the Fusion theme) to the sidebar, drop it in, and done.

Now I can tweet about what I’m going to blog about.  Super-duper. Maybe this will get me to remember to blog about something.

Yay for Me!

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve had desire to write about anything.  So today I decided to rip down my old, hideous, and uneventful blog and start this newly themed beauty you see here.  Hopefully I don’t get too busy living life and forget to write about stuff here.

I have a new mindset that goes a little something like, “people will read any crap they find on a google search.”  I just anticipate you sticking around after you find me this time :)  Well, I’m going to look into getting Twitter on my blog, I’ll be sure to write it here for you to see.

Thanks for stopping in and hope to see you back soon.