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I originally posted this to my old blog, which I’ve deleted.  Hopefully you find this :D , it needed to be updated anyway….

To use Optimum Online as your SMTP (outgoing) mail server for your accounts (which is how you probably have them set up at your desktop/laptop):

On the iPhone:
1. Go into Settings
2. Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3. Choose an account
4. Scroll to Outgoing Mail Server section, find SMTP, click on that
5. Add server…
6. Enter mail.optonline.net just like you’re setting up Mail or Outlook
7. You must enter your user name (WITHOUT @optonline.net).   Should be your full

e-mail address now, like so:  myemail@optonline.net
8. Enter your password (8 chars max, even if it’s really more)
9. SSL off
10. Select Authentication
11. Choose ‘Password’
12. Click the arrow at upper left to go back one page
13. Server Port (at bottom) should read 587.
14. Turn off the AT&T outgoing server. (Might not need to, but I did to be sure it was working.)

That’s it. Now you can use mail.optonline.net as your outgoing mail server for any of your accounts, just like through your Outlook or Mail (or, um, whatever mail client you use.) I turned off all of the other SMTP servers that I had previously tried to set up.

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re on Edge, 3G, or Wifi, your mail will still get out of your iPhone and to your recipient. I did try in the beginning to have gmail do it for me, but they forward your mail and tell you who it was forwarded on behalf of. I thought that was crap. The whole point was so you could reply to someone’s email from the address they sent it to, and they need not know that you have another email address. This way is much more of what I needed then to confuse my clients with my personal email address and my family with my business address.

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