Update to Safari CoverFlow Webpage Preview

Ok, a quick fix if you hate CoverFlow in Safari 4 is to make the ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari/Webpage Previews folder read-only like so:
Navigate to the folder, and select it. Hit Command-I.
At the bottom of the info pane, to the right of your name (Me), click where it says “Read and Write”, and change it to “Read-Only”. See screen shot below:
Disable Write For CoverFlow Webpage Preview Folder
This doesn’t disable CoverFlow altogether, but at least it isn’t chewing up almost 50MB of disk space when you browse 10-12 websites. I guess Apple could have made them .tiff files and really screwed the pooch. I know I’ll be keeping this read-only until they make CoverFlow a choice in Safari.