Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7

I upgraded my wife’s Asus F3Sv Core2Duo last night from Vista to Windows 7 last night, using the Family Pack Upgrade 32-bit disk.  Upgrading failed at my first attempt, but it rolled back flawlessly and didn’t change anything which was nice.

The reason it failed, essentially the reason I’m writing this post, is because I chose to get the updates to the install disks live online.  Where it failed is in my inability to put 2+2 together.  The upgrade process first scans your current Windows installation and informs you of things that might have problems, in order of priority.  It gives you a scrollable list (quite nice actually) starting with things that will definitely be broken, might have issues, and then finally things that have updates available, even though the latter won’t be a problem when you upgrade.  The really slick thing is the list also gives you the manufacturer’s links to click on so you can go ahead and grab updates on the fly.

Where I dropped the ball, and my installation failed was fairly easy to see.  When you tell Windows to get the updates live before installing, it lets you know that you need to maintain internet connectivity throughout the installation.  I wasn’t plugged in to the ethernet connection when I upgraded, and my Intel Pro/Wireless connection was in need of an upgrade, too.  So the install got about halfway done, dropped the internet connection, and ultimately failed.  I plugged in to ethernet, restarted the installation, and all went nearly flawlessly.

The only other hiccup I had was getting re-established on my home network. For some reason, Windows connected to my router (I Was still wire-connected at this point) and also added a “Public” network, leaving me connected to two separate networks at the same time.  Weird, but it was an easy fix. I just disabled the ethernet adapter and re-enabled it, by clicking on the connection in the “Network and Sharing Center” window.