Plus One for Red Laser

I found myself at a Best Buy about three weeks ago, looking around for things to go back home and buy over the internet.  What I was doing was my annual adventure into real world Christmas shopping.  I hate the real world honestly, mostly because of shopping…at a mall.  Anyway, I found this hard drive I’d never seen before, so I pull out my iPhone, and start searching the intrawebz for some reviews.  I don’t see anything favorable, so I move on.

Next item, a flat panel TV.  Samsung.  Nice, so again I go about trying to find the model number and such, type it into Google, find some reviews.  Onto another site to check for prices. Rinse, repeat.  Boring, really, and somewhat embarrassing.  You look like a toolbag standing there hunting items on your iPhone only to walk out of the store an hour later with nothing in hand.  How is Best Buy supposed to keep their brick and mortar operation going?

I’ll tell you how, and they need to thank the folks at Occipital Inc for writing the application Red Laser. This handy application costs at present $1.99, and is worth ten times as much in my opinion. It scans UPC’s of products using your iPhone’s camera.  Then it searches the web for the item, returning web prices, local prices (by GPS if you choose to turn it on), nutritional info, and more.

So if you’re in Best Buy, you can show them that Wal-Mart has the same TV for less, price match it right there and buy it hassle free for the best price. Sweet. I have been using this at places like Borders and Barnes and Noble, where it is tremendously helpful with books and pricing. Try it out, trust me you’ll use it!

Occipital also makes some other apps, which I’m probably going to check out since Red Laser rocks so hard. Keep up the good work guys, truly genius.